Actors Maggie Smith and Robert Stephens play with their younger son Toby, age 2, near their rented house in Malibu (1971).

Maggie Smith as Hedda Gabler - Hedda Gabler (1970)

Violet and Isobel - Downton Abbey S5 trailer


One of the wonderful exchanges between Lady Violet and cousin Isobel, in regards to Lord Merton: Isobel: “He wants something from me I cannot give,”  to which Violet says, “He wants what every man wants. … Don’t be ridiclous, I was referring to companionship. I hope you were.” (x)

Random ramblings of a Violet Crawley spoilers nature.

I’m going to put most of this under a cut so as to not spoil anyone, but I sort of have to (well I don’t have to, but I’m bored at work and I’m being dreadfully, and probably deludedly, optimistic about all of this) talk about the titbits of season 5 news that we got about Violet yesterday.

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Some season 5 hints about the Dowager

TVLINE | Can you say anything about the Dowager Countess’ storyline this season? We hear it’s bigger than normal.
She has a brilliant storyline this season. … It’s Downton at its best, this storyline. It’s fantastic.

TVLINE | Does it involve new characters, or is it more contained within the house?
I can’t answer that specifically, but every episode, we’ll be having some guest; people come in and out. The show is always a melting pot of the regular characters in addition to guests.


And so will you??
Very unlikely this time; between paying for my dissertation and the likely move to London, I don’t think I could afford the trip without some bank robbery being involved. The fact that it’s screening at TIFF though bodes well for a similar screening at the BFI London Film Festival.

My Old Lady will be screened at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Maggie Smith and Robert Stephens - Private Lives (1972)

Maggie Smith, photographed at home by Roger Mayne (1956).