Happy Downton Day!!!


Welcome back, Downton Abbey.


Fingers crossed Fellowes doesn’t screw over your faves once more.


Adorkable (adjective): Combination of adorable and dork. Charming in a way that combines attractiveness with intelligence and geekiness.

Anonymous said:
Thank you so much for posting this show!! Loved it!

You’re welcome!

Talking Pictures, episode 31: Maggie Smith

Maggie Smith receives her BAFTA Fellowship Award from the late Richard Attenborough.

Maggie Smith reacts to seeing herself, or perhaps that should say hearing herself, in Oh! What a Lovely War.

Anonymous said:
I have no words to express what I think about her looks.... STUNNING, AMAZING...

She looks utterly gorgeous in that 1993 interview - I mean the hair alone is amazing!

Maggie Smith on the perils of trying to get a film project green lit.

Maggie’s edition of Talking Pictures is presently available to view on the BBC iPlayer.