Kevin Kline and Maggie Smith - My Old Lady (2015)

“Everybody has this idea that one is sitting with scripts lying thick on the floor, but life isn’t like that,” Ms. Smith said in a phone interview. “You do things as they turn up, and I thought this would be intriguing.”

“I don’t think it was a stretch,” she said of the role, which required her to age 14 years through scant makeup and whitened hair. “I’ve been knocking on the door of 90 for a very long time. And I’ve been Kristin’s mother forever.” Ms. Scott Thomas played her daughter in “Gosford Park” and “Keeping Mum,” as well as Mr. Kline’s former wife in “Life as a House.” - Maggie Smith, quoted in The New York Times about My Old Lady (x)

Maggie Smith - behind the scenes on season two of Downton Abbey

"I can remember on the first night of "Betrayal", when Alice was about seven months old and my nanny left. There was a strike at the National, so we didn’t know if we’d go up or not. It was a very difficult play with the three characters in it, and at six o’clock I had to be at the theatre. At 5 o’clock I’d found someone to take Alice for the night. I hadn’t eaten all day, I’d probably had half a Mars Bar. I went to the theatre, did the play, had two glasses of wine after the show and fell down, because I’d done the whole thing on an empty stomach. I was completely drunk. It was all too much. The adrenalin going, a first night, wondering if Alice was alright…it was a nightmare. Never again. Of course, when you’re younger, you sort of manage it with difficulty." — Penelope Wilton.

Maggie Smith as Anna Carnot - Armchair Theatre: Guardian Angel (1960)

What was it like to work with Maggie Smith?

It was a wonderful piece of acting because she is playing someone in her early 90s, and she isn’t even 80 yet. Once she put on her old-lady garb, she transformed herself into this much slower woman. Once Israel asked her if she could move into the next room a little faster. She said, “No. I’m an old lady and I can’t move any faster.” She had to remind him she was playing an old lady.

- Kevin Kline (x)

Maggie Smith drapes herself across a motoscafo during a breaking from filming The Honey Pot (1967)


"Penelope Wilton who through her unmoving face and eyes can display tumbling internal memories and thoughts in a way which quite gives us the willies."

Penelope Wilton in rehearsals for ‘The Chalk Garden’, 2008

Maggie Smith attends the Golden Globe Awards (2002)

Maggie Smith as Lila Fisher - Love and Pain and the Whole Damn Thing (1973)